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Valory Zortman - Content Architect
With a keen eye for fonts, colors, and branding, Valory oversees content across campaigns to ensure consistency in tone, aesthetic, and emotion.
MBTI: INFJ — “The Advocate

*Born: Torrance, California
*Places lived: CA, NJ, AR
*Significant wins: still alive
*Favorite #: 13
*Theme song for life: Oceans by Hillsong United
*Favorite place in the world: Hermosa Beach
*Favorite food: strawberries + vegan chocolate
*If you could be an animal: fox
*Currently watching on Netflix: next on my list is Cowspiracy
*Favorite superhero: Tom Holland's Spider man
*Reading right now: A Love Letter Life
*Passionate about: the coral reefs
*Phobia: SPIDERS
*Never have I ever:

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