What we do


We couldn’t be more honored to help some of the most interesting and innovative businesses and brands tell their story. Below are just some of ways we help develop stories.


video production

High-quality video can be the difference between gaining a customer and losing one. Marketing research surveys find that when viewers are confronted with poor-quality video, they are 62% more likely to have a negative perception of the brand that published it. Amateur video actually damages your brand.

Good news is — we can do it for you.


vr marketing

We produce immersive VR experiences. Our videos allow the user to look up, down and all around in the environment. This unique technology is an extremely powerful sales tool.

Using the latest technology, we will help you harness the next evolution in marketing.


social media marketing

The most expensive mistake a brand can make in social media is launching channels or programs without a strategy.

Social media success comes to brands that have something to say, and know how to say it best. Let us help you tell your story.


website design

A website is the sum of all its parts, not just a fancy logo. Your website needs to be mobile intelligent, and an intuitive experience that captures attention.

If you need help with design and functionality, contact us for a quote.


Who we are

Meet the Team

We’re Huber Media Company. We’re a marketing and media team built for the now. We propel businesses into the cross-hairs of attention & culture by bringing authenticity to the hustle, because storytelling is our m.o.

Derek Huber   Chief Storytelling Officer

Derek Huber

Chief Storytelling Officer

K. Andrew Curtis   Guy in the Chair

K. Andrew Curtis

Guy in the Chair

Skyler Fox   Videologist

Skyler Fox


Valory M. Zortman   Content Architect

Valory M. Zortman

Content Architect



Home Base

We call Mountain Home, Arkansas our home base, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to travel to where you are. Give us a shout, and let us know what you need help working on — we look forward to meeting your team and working together wherever that may be.

Good stories surprise us. They make us think and feel. They stick in our minds and help us remember ideas and concepts in a way that a PowerPoint crammed with bar graphs never can.
— Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow