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Derek Huber

Derek Strengths are in communication, social media marketing, video production, and project management. Derek breaks down your goals to actionable steps and helps clients learn along the process.
MBTI: ENFJ — “The Protagonist”

*Born: Rockford, Illinois
*Places lived: IL, MO, AR, KY, LA
*Significant wins: kissed a girl in the fifth grade
*Favorite #: 11
*Theme song for life: Day is Done by Ryan Bingham
*Favorite place in the world: with her drinking coffee
*Favorite food: beef
*If you could be an animal: Yeti
*Currently watching on Netflix: Stranger Things
*Favorite superhero: Martin Luther King Jr
*Reading right now: Chevy van user manuals
*Passionate about: music, whiskey, and a soft breeze
*Favorite breakfast cereal: breakfast cereals are bad for you...
*Early bird or night owl: both
*Funny word: Tuolumne
*Best wifi name: Surveillance Van
*Star Wars or Star Trek: STAR WARS
*Harry Potter or LOTR: BOTH
*Love language: Quality Time
*Favorite line from a movie: "The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences.” Christopher McCandless - Into the Wild
*Phobia - Not a fan of heights
*Never have I ever: Been to Burning Man... but it's on my Bucket List.

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