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Skyler Fox

He is happiest splitting time between capturing content in the field and making movie magic in the editing room. Skyler utilizes his knowledge of various camera equipment to bring your story to life visually. From the clouds to 26 meters below, he’ll get the shot you are after.
MBTI: INFP — “The Mediator”

*Born: Mtn. Home, Arkansas
*Places lived: Bull Shoals, Conway, Pittsburgh, Aspen
*Significant wins: Doing work that I enjoy Favorite 
*Theme song for life: Deftones by My Own Summer
*Favorite place in the world: Bull Shoals Lake
*Favorite food: hot dogs If you could be an animal: orangutan
*Currently watching on Netflix: Mad Men
*Favorite Comic Book Character - Spawn
*Reading right now: The Little Engine That Could
*Passionate about: food and video
*Favorite breakfast cereal: Fruity Pebbles
*Early bird or night owl: early bird
*Funny word: picnic
*Wifi name: Intelligence Agencies of Russia
*Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Trek
*Harry Potter or LOTR: LOTR
*Love Language: quality time
*Favorite line from a movie: “Anybody interested in grabbing a couple of burgers and hittin’ the cemetery?” - The Royal Tenenbaums
*Phobia: Needles
*Never have I ever: had a wisdom tooth removed

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